VRF // y-series

The Y-Series
Heating or cooling on demand
The Y-series for heating or cooling combines up to 50 indoor units in just one cooling circuit. A wide range of potential indoor units combines with almost unlimited control options to provide ideal solutions whatever the circumstances. And the individual temperature control on the indoor units enables all users to set the room climate they find most pleasant.

Ideal for use in:

  • Open-plan offices
  • Department stores
  • Buildings featuring a wide variety of indoor unit models


  • High seasonal energy efficiency
  • Individual temperature control possible on each indoor unit
  • Zubadan technology for VRF outdoor units: 100 % output down to -15 °C

Standard and high COP series

High efficiency in a small space. The YLM series offers outstanding benefits:

  • Compact dimensions in standard design, with small footprint suitable for space-saving installation.
  • High energy efficiency, with COP of up to 5.80 during cooling.

100 % capacity down to −15 °C

Zubadan technology ensures constant heating capacity down to -15 °C. As heating is available at temperatures as low as -25 °C, this guarantees optimum heating capacity even when the mercury drops well below zero.

Inverter technology for energy-saving performance

The inverter compressors of the City Multi outdoor units vary their speed entirely as required, meaning that output never exceeds demand. As the outdoor units comprise up to three modules each featuring an inverter compressor, this helps generate a highly precise and stable room climate.

Further information on the City Multi outdoor units is available here.
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