City Multi VRF // PUHY-EP

City Multi VRF // PUHY-EP

New City Multi Y series and R2 outdoor units

Making it happen

The new City Multi outdoor units have been developed with a focus on seasonal efficiency, resulting in improved efficiency levels of up to 47% and 21% in cooling and heating mode respectively. This has been made possible by the use of a new and innovative aluminium flat tube heat exchanger with an enlarged heat transfer surface and lower pressure drop. Mitsubishi Electric is the world's first manufacturer to equip a VRF system with this technology. The high-efficiency compressor is a further innovation, the characteristic line of which has also been optimised for outstanding seasonal efficiency. The outdoor unit has a variable evaporation temperature, that is to say that the evaporation temperature rises as soon as the room temperature approaches the set point. And the two sections of the heat exchanger are defrosted alternately ("comfort heating") to ensure that heat output is also available during defrosting. You can use the maintenance tool software to enter functional settings for ease of configuration.


Offices, shops and other commercial properties

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