City Multi VRF // PKFY-P

City Multi VRF // PKFY-P

Wall-mounted unit PKFY-P

Quiet running

Thanks to optimisation of the air flow between the heat exchanger, air cylinder and four-stage fan motor a quiet running is achieved.

Modern design

The attractive design of the wall-mounted units means that they can easily be integrated into any work or home environment. The integral flap closes the air outlet when the unit is switched off, creating a neat visual appearance. All wall units in pure white with a modern flat panel design.

Easy to assemble and service

To make installation easier, all the screws provided for attachment are accessible from the front of the wall-mounted unit. All pipes, including the condensate pipe, can be connected variably (from right, left, below or behind) for greater flexibility in pipe laying and the choice of installation location.

Infrared receiver

All wall-mounted units are equipped with an infrared receiver as standard.

Optional condensate pump

For models P15 to P50 an optional condensate pump with a head of 850 mm is available, which is installed next to the unit and matches the indoor unit in design and colour.


  • Noise level from 22 dB(A)
  • 4 fan levels and auto fan level mode
  • Vertical swing function at the air outlet
  • Horizontal air discharge
  • Optional condensate pump

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Wall-mounted unit PKFY-P