VRF // outdoor units

The VRF outdoor units
For the R2 and Y-series alike, the wide selection of outdoor units promotes maximum design and planning flexibility.


  • High energy efficiency
  • Excellent flexibility during installation
  • Reliable climate comfort

Outdoor units to suit your needs:

City Multi VRF outdoor units with R32

Meet tomorrow’s challenges today – with R32. Units that use R32 refrigerant are characterised by their outstanding energy efficiency. In addition, they require smaller pipe cross-sections and thus less refrigerant. These units are available in both the Y-series and the R2-series.

All facts and benefits at a glance:

High performance
Air conditioning systems that use R32 require approx. 20 to 30 % less refrigerant while delivering a higher power output.

Smaller pipe cross-sections
The lower density enables the use of smaller pipe diameters, reducing the amount of material required.

Low GWP value
Boasting a GWP value of 675, R32 refrigerant already meets the requirements of the F-gas Regulation for the year 2021.

Meeting precise demand
Available in sizes 200, 250 and 300 with a cooling capacity of 22.4 kW to 33.5 kW and a heating capacity of 25.0 kW to 37.5 kW.

Application areas
Foyers, lobbies and open-plan offices

City Multi VRF outdoor units with R410A

The new series of VRF systems features enhanced basic functions, a cutting-edge compressor and an optimised fan: in short, everything that helps save energy.

All facts and benefits at a glance:

Continuous heating during defrosting
To ensure continuous heating comfort, up to 50 % of the heating capacity is maintained during defrosting.

Year-round energy saving
Top-class energy-saving operation: in the YNW series, the SEER value has been increased by up to 33 % and the SCOP value by almost 19 %.

Wide-ranging compatibility
Suitable for connection to a huge variety of indoor units.
Indoor units

Adjusted noise level
Five low-noise stages allow optimum adaptation to the installation location.

Cutting-edge housing design
The unit housing features a new design to suit all building styles.

City Multi PUMY outdoor units for the Y-series

The PUMY outdoor units for heating or cooling deliver outstanding performance across the board. They generate the perfect basis for optimum climate comfort through their very high efficiency values, low sound pressure level, 300 m cable length and diverse connection options.

Efficiency leaders
The PUMY outdoor units impress with top energy efficiency values during heating and cooling.

Highly connected
Suitable for connection to 33 different types of indoor unit – and with the LEV kit, the number is even higher.

Whisper quiet
The units boast a very low sound pressure level.

Flexible installation options
Total cable length of 300 metres enables highly flexible installation.

Application areas
Offices, shops and doctors’ practices

City Multi PQ units

The water-cooled City Multi VRF PQ units can be integrated into existing hot and cold water networks with ease. They can also be installed in indoor technology rooms and thus remain almost entirely hidden from view. Suitable for use with a Y system or an R2 system.

All facts and benefits at a glance:

Compact dimensions
Ideally suited to indoor installation in technology rooms.

Versatile uses
Ideal for deployment as a groundwater or brine heat pump. If connected to a PWFY water module, the unit can subsequently be connected to underfloor heating and chilled ceilings.

Integration into district heating
Suitable for easy connection to existing hot and cold water networks such as district heating.

High performance
Large cold water temperature range from -5 °C to 45 °C.

VRF outdoor units