City Multi VRF // LEV kit

City Multi VRF // LEV kit

LEV kit

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The new LEV kit from Mitsubishi Electric now makes it possible to connect smaller, compact M series indoor units to City Multi systems. Using the LEV kit, the compact indoor units are provided with an external electronic expansion valve, which is required for operation with VRF systems. The advantage for users lies in the significantly larger choice of possible indoor units. Moreover, outdoor units no longer need to be oversized, as small capacities can ideally be adapted to the cooling / heating load required. The LEV kit can also be used to connect elegant Premium indoor units from the MSZ-EF series and the compact MSZ-SF models.


Offices, shops and other commercial properties

LEV kit for connecting Premium and compact units in City Multi VRF systems

Selling points

  • Connection of Premium and compact indoor units
  • Extended range of indoor unit products
  • Standard remote controllers for all units can still be used
  • Flexible installation possible on indoor unit or outside the area to be air conditioned
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