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Even more choice, even more efficiency: our accessory options help you get even more from your City Multi VRF air conditioning solution.

LEV kit
Booster unit

LEV kit

The LEV kit makes it possible to connect small and compact M-series indoor units to City Multi systems. Not only does this expand the choice of indoor units, it also eliminates the need for oversize outdoor units. In addition, it ensures optimum adjustment of low output levels to suit the required cooling/heat load.

All facts and benefits at a glance:

The LEV kit contains both an electronic expansion valve and a printed circuit board. An integrated address board guarantees precise addressing of each indoor unit in use.

Power supply
The connection kits require a voltage supply (230 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase) and also supply voltage to the connected indoor unit. As the insulated housing is impervious to vapour diffusion, it does not require a condensate drain.

Flexible installation
The LEV kit can be installed on the indoor unit itself. Alternatively, it can be installed in a false ceiling outside of the room earmarked for air conditioning – at up to 15 m away.

More choice
Not only is there a wide range of indoor units to choose from, it is also possible to connect premium and compact indoor units.

Convenient operation
All units remain compatible with standard remote controllers.

Application areas
Offices, shops and other commercial properties

Booster unit

As the booster unit enables water temperatures of up to 70 °C in the primary circuit, it is ideal for heating drinking water to as high as 65 °C. The R2 system recovers the heat from cooled rooms and uses this to heat up drinking water.

All facts and benefits at a glance:

Increased performance
Water temperatures of up to 45 °C can be achieved through heating with the heat exchanger unit – ideal for supplying underfloor heating systems or fan coil units. Minimum water temperatures of 10 °C are possible during cooling.

Efficient heat recovery
When connected to an R2 system, heat can be recovered from cooled rooms or cooling processes and used to heat water.

Application areas
Office buildings, hotels, banks, shopping centres, production facilities and gyms

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