City Multi VRF technology

Ideal for larger buildings

Meet the ideal air conditioning solution for large and complex buildings:
from office blocks to shopping centres, City Multi VRF boasts top values for energy efficiency. Thanks to the broad performance range of the City Multi outdoor units and the exhaustive selection of indoor units, the systems offer great flexibility in planning and design.

Ideal for use in:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings

Sustainable and future-proof

The VRF outdoor units with R32 refrigerant represent another major step into the future. Boasting a GWP value of 675, R32 significantly outperforms R410A in terms of global warming potential and is also required in smaller quantities. Given these two benefits, the CO2 equivalent of the R32 outdoor units is 68 % lower than with conventional VRF systems that use R410A.

R2 or Y: two series – a world of options

The R2 and Y-series from Mitsubishi Electric offer two distinct options for demand-based innovative air conditioning technology in buildings. How do they differ? While the R2-series can heat one room while simultaneously cooling another, the Y-series can be used for either heating or cooling buildings as desired.

City Multi – the benefits at a glance:

Energy efficient
The R2-series can achieve an energy saving of up to 50 % through heat recovery, as the thermal energy captured during cooling is used for heating in parallel.

Ready for the cold
With heating available at temperatures between +15.5 °C and −20 °C, even monovalent City Multi systems can be used in very cold regions.
Outdoor units

Durable and resistant
All outdoor units feature the coated Blue Fin heat exchanger, which offers protection against aggressive air conditions such as salty sea air. Thanks to a special pressing process, the fins are smooth and thus dirt-repellent.

High performance
Need to ensure particularly low indoor temperatures? The PEFY-P and PFFY-P indoor units can be combined with the PUHY and PURY outdoor units to cool rooms down to as low as 14 °C.
Indoor units

VRF outdoor units