Mr. Slim // PUZ-ZM

Mr. Slim // PUZ-ZM

Power Inverter with R32

Always the perfect choice

Proven technology with new refrigerant allows an even longer pipe length than with R410A power inverters. High operational reliability at low energy consumption levels is also ensured. With their high operational reliability and low energy consumption, Mr. Slim air conditioners are ideal for commercial applications in medium-sized rooms as well as technology rooms. Depending on the particular application, they can be installed as single-split or multi-split solutions in simultaneous operation with two, three or four indoor units.

Numerous application benefits thanks to R32 refrigerant:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Refrigerant charge reduced by 20%.
  • Improved performance in heating operation
  • Significantly smaller CO2 footprint over the entire product life cycle

Special features:

  • High operational reliability with low energy consumption
  • Longer piping lengths than with R410A power inverters
  • Maintenance of nominal heating capacity down to -3 °C
  • 30 Pa external static pressure (optional)

30 Pa external static pressure

An external static pressure of 30 Pa enables the outdoor unit to be installed on balconies of high-rise buildings or near ventilation slots. This requires the optional PAC-SJ71FM-E* high-performance fan motor.

* The rated sound pressure level is higher for units with this option. Fan motor for 30 Pa static external pressure (optional)
The nominal heating capacity is maintained at temperatures down to -3 °C. The nominal heating capacity is maintained even when the outdoor temperature drops to -3 °C. This ensures sufficient warmth even in cold weather conditions. Longer piping lengths (60 / 71 / 100 / 125 / 140): The longer cable lengths for sizes 60, 71, 100, 125 and 140 provide more flexibility during installation.

Prefilled with R32

Prefilled with R32
R32 (difluoromethane [CH2F2]) belongs to the group of HFC refrigerants. It has been used for many years as a component of the R410A refrigerant and, due to its GWP of 675, meets the requirements of the F-Gas Regulation for 2025.