The duct units are ideal for locations where air has to be transported over large distances or concealed installation is desired.


  • Unit can be fully installed

Air quality

  • Long-life filter (PEAD only)
  • Fresh air connection possible
  • Plasma-Quad-Connect-Filter (optional for PEAD)

Airflow control

  • Automatic fan stage control
  • 3 fan speeds with PEAD units
  • Air volume with PEAD units adjustable over 0 - 10 V (accessory equipment required)

Comfort and control

  • Automatic restart after power outage
  • Rotation back-up function as standard (with PUZ outdoor units)

Installation and maintenance

  • Low installation height, just 250 mm with PEAD
  • External static pressure of up to 200 Pa allows the use of long air ducts

Built-in condensate pump for PEAD units

Large capacities (PEA-RP)

  • For very large rooms, production halls and open spaces Choice of wired or infrared remote controller

Optional filter box for PEAD

  • • For sideways removal of the filter. Simplifies access for maintenance and cleaning.

MELCloud Wi-Fi adapter (optional)


  • SCOP up to 4.3 / SEER up to 6.2
  • Energy efficiency class up to A+ / A+
  • Sound level from 23 dB(A) on
  • External static pressure up to 200 Pa
  • Installation height (PEAD) 250 mm