Mr. Slim+ // PUHZ-FR

Mr. Slim+ // PUHZ-FR

Outdoor unit Mr. Slim+

Pumping heat and air conditioning

The name of the new Mr. Slim+ system says it all: the product combines the energy-efficient features of air-to-water heat pumps with all the advantages of an air conditioning system, thereby offering users major benefits day after day. Whether in the hair salon, in the dentist's surgery or next door in the bakery – there's a need for air conditioning and simultaneous hot water recovery in the most diverse sectors. Mr. Slim+ offers the option of meeting this need directly with just one outdoor unit.

Two systems merge into one

Heat pumps are now recognised heating solutions. But often they are capable of more than just heating. With reversible heat pump solutions and suitable distribution systems, it is also possible to cool rooms in summer instead of heating them.

The new Mr. Slim+ system combines the benefits of an air-to-water heat pump with the advantages of an air conditioning system. The unique feature of the system is the simultaneous connection of air conditioning units and a heat pump indoor module (hydro- or storage module) to an outdoor unit. The system is also ultra-efficient. For an economical supply of hot water in summer, the heat is removed from the air-conditioned room and used as an optimal source of heat.

Due to the wide application range of heat recovery down to 7 °C outside temperature, the heating/hot water mode is extremely effective even in the transition periods.

Mr. Slim+ combines the advantages of a heat pump with an air conditioning solution in one system.


Commercial properties, like cafés, bakeries, medical practices, hairdressers and petrol stations with a need for air conditioning and hot water