M series // MFZ-KJ

M series // MFZ-KJ

Design floor-standing units

Consistent indoor air quality

Their compact construction permits flexible installation, so that the Design floor-standing units can be integrated discreetly into the room. Generating a modest 19 decibels of sound, the floor-standing unit is scarcely audible in operation, yet creates a cosy indoor climate in winter. Warm air flows through two air outlets, one high and one low, ensuring that the room isn't cold at floor level. Operation of the units could not be simpler, with easy-to-understand symbols on the infrared remote control, automatic programs and individual memories facilitating setting and adjustment. The floor-standing inverter air conditioner with anti-allergy-enzyme air filter is available in three capacities.

EIB interface (optional)

The preconfigured interface permits easy integration of air conditioning systems in the M series and the Mr. Slim series into an existing EIB building control system.


Homes, offices and commercial units

Selling points

  • Two air outlets for optimal air distribution in the room
  • Fitted as standard with anti-allergy-enzyme filter
  • Three fan stages and an additional super high fan stage for rapid cooling / heating.
Standard / Semi-embedded
The base plate can be removed to further accentuate the design lines of the unit.
Heating mode
Quick heating: a portion of the preheated air is blown out downwards and reabsorbed by the floor-standing unit to be reheated further.
Cooling mode
The new floor-standing unit attains the best energy efficiency values in installation sizes 25 and 35.

The Design floor-standing unit MFZ-KJ provides the best energy efficiency levels today.

Recognisable quality

Recognisable quality
The Association of Building Air Conditioning e.V. (FGK) has awarded its new quality seal to Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioning units.

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