M-Series // Filter technology

M-Series // Filter technology

Modern filter technology for tackling air pollutants

To reduce pollutants in the room air, you should ensure thorough ventilation and use effective filters: the latter are largely integrated as standard in our wall-mounted units MSZ-LN, MSZ-EF and MSZ-AP and in our floor-standing unit MFZ-KT. Such filters are also suitable for easy retrofitting.

Air purification filters1

With its silver-ion coating, the filter not only repels dirt but is also effective at tackling bacteria, mould and odours. The three-dimensional surface expands the draw-in area of the filter and enables optimised dust elimination performance compared with conventional filters.
1 Not compatible with MSZ-LN

Plasma Quad Plus/Plasma Quad Connect

Plasma Quad Plus is a plasma-based filter system for effective removal of six pollutant types. A high-voltage electrode releases plasma through discharge in order to neutralise viruses, bacteria, allergens and mould. The remaining charged PM2.5 (fine dust with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres) and dust are absorbed by the filter.

Odour filter

The catalytic converter in the odour filter denatures odour components and eliminates them at the source of the odour. This ensures speedy removal of unpleasant odours from the room air.

Silver-ion filter

The silver-ion filter is made from non-woven material and can capture smaller particles such as bacteria, mould and allergens. The silver ions and enzymes contained in the filter effectively tackle and neutralise bacteria and allergens.

From dust-free to antibacterial

This table provides a complete overview of the Mitsubishi Electric filter models, their functions and the units in which they are used.

Certified quality

All our filter elements undergo detailed checks to assess their functionality and filter capacity. This includes a variety of tests performed by the suppliers of the filter components, by our in-house company test laboratories and of course by independent institutes.

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