M series // MFZ-KT

M series // MFZ-KT

Floor-standing unit MFZ-KT

The MFZ-KT floor-standing unit is particularly suitable for applications in which both cooling and heating modes are regularly used. Can be installed like a radiator near the floor.

Heating mode

  • Simultaneous distribution of air upwards and downwards
  • Consistent temperature throughout the room
  • Fast heating mode: as the unit blows a proportion of the air downwards in order to heat it again, the room is heated even faster

Cooling mode

  • Air is only discharged upwards
  • This ensures extremely efficient cooling

Flexible installation

  • Three possible installation types: standing, mounted, wall-hanging


  • Saves the preferred operating state

Refrigerant detector

  • integrated refrigerant detector to ensure early detection of possible leaks

Multiflow vane function

  • With the multiflow vane function, the air flow through two newly designed blow-out plate fins can conveniently be adjusted in line with the needs of the respective user.


  • SCOP up to 4.4/SEER up to 6.8
  • Energy efficiency class up to A+/A++
  • Sound pressure level from 20 dB(A)
  • Infrared remote control with weekly timer function included

Floor-standing unit
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