EDV // s-MEXT G00

EDV // s-MEXT G00

s-MEXT G00
Mitsubishi Electric close control air conditioner with Mr. Slim outdoor unit

In small and medium-sized server and technology rooms, a higher output density often leads to increased supply air temperatures for IT devices. The s-MEXT G00 close control air conditioner with Mr. Slim outdoor unit represents an ideal solution to this problem.

Depending on the outdoor unit in question, the s-MEXT G00 can be operated with R410A or even low-GWP R32 refrigerant to ensure efficient and more eco-friendly air conditioning.

  • 6 output levels from 6 to 44 kW
  • 2 refrigerants: R410A or R32 with one indoor unit
  • 3 housing sizes in F1 (600 x 500 x 1980), F2 (1000 x 500 x 1980) and F3 (1000 x 890 x 1980)
  • Piping length of up to 100 metres between indoor and outdoor unit
  • Available in downflow and upflow designs
  • Free cooling mode optionally available

Scope of delivery and range of functions

The standard s-MEXT G00 includes the following components:

  • EC fans for optimum control of airflow
  • Main switch
  • G4 air filter with differential pressure monitoring
  • Water leak sensor
  • Plug-and-play solution: PAC-IF 013 installed in climate cabinet
  • Cascading in LAN connection in standard

In addition to the ‘cooling’ design, the version with cooling, heating and dehumidifying functions is also available from stock.

Further comprehensive accessories are optionally available, including various plenums for air routing, interface cards with different protocols, and temperature and humidity sensors.

High output density and energy efficiency

s-MEXT G00 split systems are equipped with high-quality components designed to ensure low energy consumption.

  • Continuous adjustable control of cooling capacity via DC inverter compressors and EC axial fans
  • Special Power Receiver for supercooling of refrigerant in combination with two separately-controlled expansion valves
  • Optimum connection of inverters to the s-MEXT G00 indoor units via a PAC-IF 013 printed circuit board

Cascading of up to 10 units

s-MEXT G00 split systems are suitable for cascading, which has the benefit of ensuring even power distribution and offset operating hours for all units.

  • Alternating standby unit
  • Redundant unit operation
  • 1 display sufficient for up to 10 units

Quick installation and convenient maintenance

The practical functions, wonderfully compact construction and housing design with front access all contribute to quicker installation.

  • Simple maintenance function and automatic monitoring of refrigerant fill level
  • Hydrophilic evaporator coating

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