IT cooling & technology rooms

IT cooling & technology room air conditioning

Thanks to the products from Mitsubishi Electric and RC IT Cooling, a Mitsubishi Electric Group brand, you can enjoy cutting-edge cooling technology and sophisticated solutions for IT applications, high-performance computer centres and telecommunications projects:

  • Close control air conditioners
  • Rack coolers
  • Telecom solutions
  • Chillers with free cooling
  • Remote condensors and dry coolers
  • Heat recovery systems

All our solutions deliver benefits such as reduced operating costs, improved sustainability and optimum utilisation of the available connection capacity. RC IT Cooling systems are designed with a focus on ensuring top-level energy efficiency in upper partial-load and full-load operation.

RC IT Cooling solutions

RC IT Cooling products provide high-performance and scalable cooling and air conditioning solutions for small, medium and large computer centres alike. Energy-saving solutions, such as units featuring free cooling or heat recovery, are available as standard. Special accessories round off the range by catering to individual operator requirements.

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IT cooling

Technology room air conditioning solutions

Cutting-edge technology rooms, server rooms and computer centres are characterised by an ever-growing exchange of data and increased computing power, with limited space also leading to higher and higher performance densities. All of this generates a high heat load per square metre that must be removed by special air conditioning systems. Energy efficiency, reliability and a high sensitive capacity are decisive factors when it comes to planning and designing such facilities. The Mitsubishi Electric product range includes comprehensive overall solutions for a wide variety of application areas.



Mr. Slim // PKA-M

Wall-mounted unit PKA-M

Mr. Slim // PCA-M

Ceiling suspended units PCA-M

EDV // s-MEXT G00

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