Hybrid City Multi outdoor unit

HVRF outdoor units

The outdoor units of both the R2 (air-cooled) and the WR2 (water-cooled) series stand out thanks to their large performance range, peak values in terms of energy efficiency and high operating reliability. Your inverter-driven compressor has almost infinitely variable control and only delivers the output actually required in the building. In combination with the refrigerant R410A top efficiency values are achieved. The units can be connected to building management systems using various interfaces.

  • Series PURY-EP, PURY-P and PQRY-P
  • Sizes with refrigerating capacities between 22.4 kW – 56.0 kW and 25.0 kW – 63.0 kW
  • Communication between outdoor and indoor units takes place via the M-Net data bus


Office buildings, hotels, hospitals, banks, shopping centres, production facilities and gyms

VRF outdoor units
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