HVRF // Y-series

The Y-series
delivers either cooling or heating
The Y-series from Mitsubishi Electric represents an additional option for combining the benefits of a direct evaporation system with those of a water-driven model. It differs from the R2-series in that it features a loop to enable either heating or cooling.

Ideal for use in:

  • Open-plan offices
  • Department stores
  • Buildings in which the rooms must remain free of refrigerant lines

The hydro unit – the component that makes the difference

In the Hybrid VRF Y variant, the hydro unit handles the exchange of heat from refrigerant to water. This component takes the form of a box with an integrated plate heat exchanger and pump. The water lines are routed from this box to the connected indoor units.

Minimal refrigerant consumption

The Hybrid VRF Y system uses R32 refrigerant as a transport medium between the outdoor unit and the heat exchanger box, meaning that it has a significantly lower CO2 equivalent than conventional systems. In this way, the Hybrid VRF Y-series already meets the requirements of the F-gas Regulation for the year 2030.

Modular design

Hybrid VRF Y systems feature a modular design, with all key system components tailored to one another. The Hybrid VRF systems are controlled via the on-site M-Net. Subsequent automation of the plant is not required.

No frost protection precautions – no hydraulic balancing

The hydro unit of the Hybrid VRF system can be installed in the building, thereby making frost protection precautions unnecessary. Hydraulic balancing is omitted as the indoor units continuously monitor the heat exchangers and regulate the required water volume via the control valves of each individual indoor unit.

Individual cost calculation

Thanks to the valves deployed at the indoor units, precise reporting can be performed for individual rooms to establish the required heat or cooling capacity. The data of the indoor and outdoor units is sent via the M-Net bus to the central remote controller AE200 or the cloud-based RMI Tool.


  • High energy efficiency through use of R32 refrigerant
  • No hydraulic balancing required
  • No frost protection precautions required
  • Exact individual room calculations for the respective required heat volume or cooling capacity
HVRF benefits

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