HVRF // Outdoor units

The Hybrid VRF outdoor units
The Hybrid VRF outdoor units boast a large performance range, top values for energy efficiency and high reliability – in both the R2 and the Y versions. Your inverter-driven compressor has almost infinitely variable control and only delivers the output that is actually required.

Meet tomorrow’s challenges today – with R32

The latest generation of the City Multi outdoor units for Hybrid VRF systems is available not only with R410A refrigerant, but also with R32. This helps units operate more efficiently while enabling smaller pipe cross-sections and reduced refrigerant volumes.

The combination of reduced refrigerant volume and low GWP value cuts the plant-specific CO2 equivalent to less than 21% of that recorded for conventional VRF systems using R410A. This performance already complies with the values stipulated for the year 2030 onwards in the F-gas Regulation.

All facts at a glance:

  • Unit series PURY-EP, PURY-P, PURY-M/-EM and PQRY-P
  • Sizes with cooling capacities of 22.4 kW – 56.0 kW and heating capacities of 25.0 kW – 63.0 kW
  • Communication between the outdoor unit and indoor units takes place via the M Net data bus
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