RC precision climate cabinet with Mr. Slim outdoor unit

In small and medium-sized server and technology rooms, where a higher output density generates increased supply air temperatures for IT devices, the s-MEXT precision climate cabinet with the Mr. Slim outdoor unit is the ideal choice. This system combination works with return air temperatures of up to 35°C in order to guarantee efficient device operation.

  • 6 output levels from 6 to 44 kW
  • 3 housing sizes in F1 (600x500x1980), F2 (1000x500x1980) and F3 (1000x890x1980)
  • Piping length of up to 100 metres between indoor and outdoor unit
  • Available in downflow and upflow designs
  • Free-cooling mode optionally available

Scope of delivery and range of functions

The s-MEXT performs cooling in the standard design, which includes the following components:

  • EC fans for optimum control of airflow
  • Main switch
  • G4 air filter with differential pressure monitoring
  • Water leak sensor
  • Ethernet card TCP/IP
  • Smoke and fire detector (supplied loose)
  • Plug-and-play solution: PAC-IF 013 installed in climate cabinet
  • Cascading in LAN connection in standard

Further comprehensive accessories are optionally available. Examples include an electric heater, a humidifier, and a temperature and humidity sensor.

High output density and energy efficiency

s-MEXT split systems are equipped with high-quality components that are geared towards low energy consumption.

  • Continuous adjustable control of cooling capacity via DC inverter compressors and EC axial fans
  • Special power receiver for supercooling of refrigerant in combination with two separately-controlled expansion valves
  • Optimum connection of inverters to the s-MEXT indoor units via a PAC-IF 013 printed circuit board

Cascading of up to 10 units

s-MEXT split systems can be cascaded, thus ensuring even power distribution and balanced operating hours for all units.

  • Alternating standby unit
  • Redundant unit operation
  • 1 display sufficient for up to 10 units

Quick installation and convenient maintenance

The practical functions, wonderfully compact construction and sophisticated housing design enabling front access all contribute to quicker installation.

  • Simple maintenance function and automatic monitoring of refrigerant fill level
  • Hydrophilic evaporator coating

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