Ecodan // Heat pump sets

Ecodan // Heat pump sets

Split and monoblock heat pump sets

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Ecodan heat pump sets replicate a complete heating system. For the most common applications in modernisation and new construction they contain all the key components, perfectly coordinated to one another and assembled ready for installation.

Four split and two monoblock systems, each with Zubadan or Power Inverters and hydro- or storage modules, constitute the range of complete heating solutions. Depending on the capacity of the heat pump, different domestic hot water and/or buffer storage tanks can be selected. The relevant accessories (3-way valve, requisite sensors, etc.) are included in the scope of supply. The system-specific accessories, the choice of which depends on the design of the system as a whole, then have to be selected additionally from the accessories range.

If particular demands are made on a heating system, customised assembly is offered. The outdoor units, optionally as Zubadan or Power Inverter, form the basic system in combination with a suitable hydro- and storage module.

For especially high heat output demands, several Ecodan heat pumps can be cascaded for use even in industrial applications or in apartment complexes – naturally also available as preconfigured sets up to 84 kW including accessories.

Complete heating systems with Ecodan

A complete heat pump set with just one order number makes it easier to select the optimal solution for detached homes and apartment complexes.

1. outdoor unit, 2. hydromodule, 3. DHW storage tank, 4. buffer storage tank, 5. 3-way valve, 6. wireless remote control/receiver

Efficient energy transfer from outside to inside

In the split system, the thermal energy is transported into the building by means of refrigerant. The plate heat exchanger is in the indoor unit. The indoor and outdoor units are connected to one another by a pair of refrigerant pipes. Overall system efficiency is enhanced by the split principle, and this is also the preferred solution when large distances have to be bridged between the indoor and outdoor units. Depending on the capacity of the heat pump, pipe lengths of up to 80 metres are possible.

In the split system, the ready-to-connect internal module including plate heat exchanger is connected directly to the outdoor unit via pipes carrying refrigerant (max. 80 metres).

Simple connection to environmental heat

The monoblock system significantly simplifies installation from the refrigeration point of view: here the plate heat exchanger is located directly in the outdoor unit. Thermal energy is transferred from the outdoor to the indoor unit by well-insulated water pipes (flow and return).

In the monoblock system, the plate heat exchanger is already integrated into the outdoor unit. It is connected to the internal module by water circuit.


Detached homes/apartment complexes, industrial units, new construction and existing building stock

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