Ecodan // Indoor units

Ecodan // Indoor units

Hydro and storage module

Sub-zero temperatures. Sublime efficiency.

The inverter-controlled air-to-water heat pump is used for heating residential and business premises as well as for the provision of domestic hot water. A diverse spectrum of combination options of outdoor and indoor units offers the optimum solution for virtually any specification. Depending on the requirement, it is possible to choose between monoblock and split solutions. The technologies used (Power Inverter and Zubadan) permit demand-optimised use of the heat pump in monovalent or bivalent heating systems.

The unobtrusive hydromodule is equipped with all the requisite components for efficient heat distribution. These include the highly efficient recirculation pump along with the 3-way switching valve and the safety-related mechanisms. On the storage module, an integrated domestic hot water tank has been added to this equipment. With a volume of 200 litres, the unit covers the average requirements of a detached home.

The integrated heat pump manager handles up to two heating circuits and bivalent operation with a further heat generator. The operating parameters can be set conveniently at the PC prior to installation and easily transferred to the unit via an integrated SD card slot.

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