Controllers // EB-50GU-J

Controllers // EB-50GU-J

Centralised system controller with web functionality

Control behind the scenes

The centralised EB-50GU-J system controller is ideal for small and large systems alike, as it can operate up to 50 AC units. In addition, up to 40 centralised system controllers can be connected to form a complete system to control and monitor up to 2,000 indoor units in larger properties. The simple and centralised operation of complex systems is thus guaranteed. The energy consumption of individual units can be recorded and visualised. A comparison of current and historical consumption data of units and/or groups of units is also possible. Conveniently operate the air conditioning units from your PC, connected to the local network, using the standard Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser (version 5). The controller has been awarded an efficiency certificate in accordance with the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG).


Office buildings and hotels