Controllers // AT-50B

Controllers // AT-50B

Group remote controller with touch screen

Tap and control

With just three keys and a touch-sensitive LCD screen, the AT-50B group remote controller delivers maximum operating convenience in the minimum of space. All the functions for controlling up to 50 unit groups can be conveniently operated by tapping on the 5-inch display. Weekly timer, power management functions and night setback are included as standard. The I/O modules also enable local remote controllers to be disabled and enabled and third-party equipment to be integrated. The display is equipped with a backlight that switches off automatically. In the event of a fault, the display remains on until the fault has been eliminated. The AT-50B group remote controller was developed for City Multi systems. Mr. Slim and M series systems can also be connected and controlled via an adapter. Naturally the AT-50B group remote controller also supports Lossnay ventilation systems, both in stand-alone mode as well as coupled to indoor units.


Office buildings and hotels