e-series // Chillers and heat pumps

e-series // Chillers and heat pumps

e-series // Air-cooled chillers and heat pumps

Sophisticated technology – cutting-edge concept

Chillers and heat pumps have been used in the air conditioning of buildings and the heating and cooling of technical processes for a number of decades. In light of the increasing demands relating to energy efficiency and low operating costs, new cost-effective solutions are required.

Additional factors that play a key role when replacing old units include space requirements, sound levels and availability.

All these needs are met in style by the new e-series, which is available in cooling and heating or cooling-only versions. Its modular construction ensures suitability and flexibility.

Outstanding product characteristics



Simply quieter

Thanks to their highly efficient components and unique design, the e-series products are guaranteed to generate the lowest sound pressure level in this unit category. This is particularly crucial for use in densely-built areas and in settings featuring a mixture of residential and commercial facilities.

Efficient performance

The unit can be operated in one of two available modes. While Performance mode sees the unit deliver the maximum possible output of 90 kW, Efficiency mode focuses on achieving the maximum possible efficiency in cooling and heating mode alike – resulting in a rated output of 63 kW. Another benefit of this operating mode is that the sound level, which is already a very low 77 dB(A), is reduced by 2 dB(A) in full-load operation.

1 // High efficiency via inverter-controlled compressors

Each unit is equipped with two inverter-controlled scroll compressors. The control range for each module is between 8% and 100%, ensuring maximum possible efficiency and constant medium outlet temperatures under all operating conditions.

2 // Two cooling circuits

The two cooling circuits and modular unit structure enable almost redundant unit operation. In each circuit, one compressor operates on a plate heat exchanger in the upstream and downstream. The medium in the hydraulic circuit flows through the heat exchanger of the first cooling circuit, then through the heat exchanger of the second cooling circuit. This unit structure boosts partial-load efficiency by 4%.

3 // Inverter-controlled fans

Both cooling circuits feature three fans each, with the specially shaped fan blades reducing turbulence and the sound level. The fans are controlled by DC inverters in each cooling circuit to guarantee constant operating conditions, high efficiency in partial-load operation and even lower sound levels. Featuring a sound power level of only 77 dB(A), the e-series units are among the quietest models in their output class.

4 // Service display

A digital display on the control unit shows operating data such as high and low pressure, water inlet and outlet temperature, error messages, and more. This display enables easy servicing and practical maintenance.

5 // Very small space requirement

Service access to all cooling-related components is available entirely from the front. Air is drawn in horizontally from the rear and blown out horizontally towards the front, with the unit itself featuring a depth of just 90 cm. This unusual design makes the unit suitable for installation whenever space is at a real premium. In particularly cramped conditions, the units can even be installed one on top of the other. The units can also be positioned with their air blow-outs facing one another, for example.

6 // Hydraulic connection

The hydraulic connection is implemented at the rear of the unit. Due to their modular design, up to six units can be connected in parallel and supplied via a pump. In this context, the space requirement on the air intake side is a mere 50 cm.

7 // Dimensions



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