Chiller // e-series

Chiller // e-series


Proven technology – cutting-edge concept

Chillers have been used for the purpose of air conditioning in buildings and the cooling of technical processes for a number of decades. In light of the increasing demands relating to energy efficiency and low operating costs, new cost-effective solutions are required.

The new e-series represents the perfect solution for meeting these demands, with the modular construction ensuring suitability and flexibility. The chiller is available as a heat pump designed for ‘cooling only’ or ‘cooling/heating’. A design for ‘heating only’ is also available on request.

Excellent efficiency

The e-series chillers use the highly efficient inverter scroll compressors of the City Multi VRF systems. Coupled with the advanced control functions, these deliver outstanding efficiency and support a broad range of applications.

Unique modular concept

Up to six individual modules can be connected to one another in order to achieve a system output of up to 540 kW. This modular approach reduces the space requirement and simplifies transport and installation.

Compact combination

It is easy to connect the individual modules to one another using prefabricated connecting tubes. In the case of larger plants, it is possible to arrange the units opposite one another as the clearance required for service work only amounts to 90 cm.

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