Heat pump air curtain

Heat pump air curtain

Heat pump air curtain

Energy saving from the start

Open entrances to sales showrooms and public buildings provide unhindered access for customers, but make high demands on air conditioning and heating technology. The exchange of heated or air-conditioned indoor air with air from outside needs to be prevented. Air curtain technology has proved to be particularly effective, using air jets to separate indoor and outdoor climates.

Mitsubishi Electric has joined forces with Thermoscreens, one of the leading manufacturers of air curtain systems, to offer an extremely energy-efficient, reliable and convenient complete system guaranteeing optimum climate separation.

Unlike conventional air curtains, the HX2 has a special heat exchanger and is heated by a heat pump (either Mr. Slim or City Multi VRF outdoor unit).

Patented air discharge system

The specially designed air collection box ensures a uniform distribution of air across the entire unit width. The patented 3D discharge grille homogenises the air (in line with ISO 27327) by up to 92%, thereby reducing air turbulence and induction.

Fast installation and easy maintenance

Thanks to plug-and-play technology, the system can be installed quickly and easily. It is also perfect for retrofits. The service-friendly design permits easy maintenance.

Wide range of systems

The models are freely suspended or can be concealed in the ceiling. They come in a range of lengths (1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m) and different power levels (5 to 21.2 kW).


Versatile uses in shops, shopping centres and public buildings. Discharge height: 2.00 to 3.80 m.

Selling points

  • High energy efficiency (very high efficiency ratings, 75% energy saving)
  • Plug & play: fast installation due to integrated Mitsubishi Electric system components PAC-AH and LEV kit.
  • High comfort level and energy savings due to a new type of discharge grille with homogeneous discharge (90-92% in accordance with ISO 27327)
  • Available as freely suspended (HX2 and HP) and concealed ceiling (HP) units
  • Integration into building control technology and central control possible via AG-150/GB-50 and TG2000
  • Condensate tray and electric heating for defrost phase as standard features
  • Customised wiring of fan stages possible

Weather-guided control by Heating Eco

How separation of the indoor and outdoor climate works Just press Plus (+) or Minus (-) to animate.