Air cleaner // MA-E85R-E

Air cleaner // MA-E85R-E

Air purifier for private use

The air purifier MA-E85R-E is ideal for use in private households. Thanks to its smart search function, it specifically directs the flow of air towards the areas of the room featuring the highest levels of dirt. The integrated self-cleaning function guarantees a long service life without any downtime for maintenance.

Smart search function

  • The smart search function detects the contaminated area.
  • The movable fins steer the air flow in five directions, thereby ensuring effective cleaning of every contaminated area.

High CADR of 508 m3/h (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

  • Ensures speedy cleaning of air
  • 5-direction air flow cleans every corner

Front panel made from high-grade steel

  • Handy control panel design
  • Control panel is located on top to ensure easy use and control of all functions

Auto-cleaning for pre-filter

  • Automatic cleaning removes dust that could cause clogging
  • Automatic filter cleaning removes dust on the pre-filter and offers long-term high-performance dust collection.

New PM2.5 sensor

  • PM2.5 detection system with high-performance dust sensor
  • Air volume control performed by detecting the number of particles measuring 0.5 μm or more

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