Air cleaner // MA-E100R-E

Air cleaner // MA-E100R-E

Air purifier for commercial use

The smart functions of the MA-E100R-E ensure reliable air purification and are especially suitable for doctors’ practices, restaurants and classrooms. The i-see sensor detects the presence of persons and specifically directs the air flow to the corresponding areas of the room.

PM2.5 sensor

  • Improved PM2.5 detection system with high-performance dust sensor
  • Air volume control performed by detecting the number of particles measuring 0.5 μm or more

High CADR of 612m3/h (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

  • Ensures speedy cleaning of air
  • Reaches all areas in the room, as housing can be swivelled by up to 90°

i-see sensor performs monitoring and precision detection of persons in the room.

  • The i-see sensor divides the monitored area into a grid featuring 752 fields (8 vertical x 94 horizontal).
  • If the i-see sensor detects a person, the air flow in the corresponding direction is adjusted.
  • When the start button is pressed, the sensor performs a 150° search of the room. It detects persons via temperature and motion.

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