4-way ceiling cassettes

Compact dimensions

They are ideal for installation in suspended ceilings thanks to their low installed height. Installation is also simplified by the lightweight design of the unit.

Extremely quiet operation

The PLFY series is characterised by its whisper-quiet operation – only 27 dB(A) for models P20 to P50. A large-diameter turbofan ensures this low sound pressure level. Impellers with a low air resistance also play a key role in noise reduction. The special ventilation control, which immediately increases the speed steplessly when the thermostat is switched on or in dehumidification mode, avoids sudden noises.

Flexible air flow adjustment

The microprocessor-controlled fan operation offers a variety of air flow configurations. Four fan stages can be set. The air volume flow can be adjusted to the respective ceiling height (up to 4.5 m) by a switch on the unit circuit board. A pre-punched fresh air knockout permits a direct fresh air connection.

Individual air flap settings

All 4 air flaps can be adjusted conveniently and individually on the remote controller.

Automatic fan stage control

In auto-fan operation, the air volume flow is adapted automatically to the situation in the room, ensuring that the right amount of conditioned air is always available (MA remote controller required).

Coanda effect

Optional i-see sensor and filter lift