Mr. Slim // PLA-(Z)RP

Mr. Slim // PLA-(Z)RP

4-way ceiling cassette
with filter lift

Very accommodating

The 840 mm square ceiling cassette (950 x 950 mm panel) has four air outlets, which guarantee draught-free air distribution even with very low ceilings. The individually adjustable air outlet flaps can be conveniently controlled via the wired remote controller. The optional i-see sensor uses infrared sensors to detect the temperature in the room and controls the air distribution to ensure that there is a uniform temperature distribution in the room. This prevents any unnecessary overheating, reducing energy consumption and significantly increasing the level of comfort. The filter lift simplifies maintenance, as the remote controller can lower the air filter by up to 4 metres for cleaning.


Offices and shops

Selling points

  • Draught-free air discharge
  • i-see sensor for the most comfortable temperature
  • Air filter can be lowered by up to 4 m
  • Excellent energy efficiency
Filter lift panel
The filter can be lowered by up to 4 m by remote control. This makes filter cleaning easier, especially in high rooms.

MELCloud is compatible with Mr. Slim air conditioning units from Mitsubishi Electric. You'll find an overview of our compatible products and further information here.

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