Lossnay // VL-100

Lossnay // VL-100

New wall-mounted unit

Simply breathe in

The benefits of controlled ventilation with heat recovery can even be used in smaller spaces. The new decentralised VL-100EU5-E ventilation unit features a modern pure white design, low sound pressure level and higher efficiency of up to 80 % for the temperature exchange between dissipated stale air and the supply of fresh air. The small duct connections require only small-diameter core openings, with the result that the unit is also ideal for retrofitting.


Smaller rooms, such as individual offices, meeting rooms and living rooms

Selling points

  • Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
  • High efficiency rating of up to 80%
  • Modern unit design in pure white
  • High level of comfort thanks to low noise level
iF Design Award

iF Design Award
The outstanding product design was presented with the 2014 Design Award by the judging panel for the iF design award.

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iF Design Award
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