Lossnay // LGH-RVX

Lossnay // LGH-RVX

Ducted RVX unit

Fresh air to breathe in

The RVX series units stand out on account of their compact dimensions, ideal for installation in suspended ceilings. The units are equipped with modern EC fans to guarantee ultra-low energy consumption. A special enthalpy cross-flow heat exchanger recovers both heat energy and moisture. Investment costs remain low thanks to the high heat recovery rates, as the cooling and heating load is reduced in the space. The ducted units are simple to connect and can be integrated into a building control system via various external inputs and outputs, which allow external specification of the air volume via a 0 –10 V signal. The optimum interplay of air conditioning and ventilation is ensured by the technical control link to our Mr. Slim and City Multi VRF systems.


Office buildings, hotels, museums, theatres, universities, hospitals, shopping centres and industrial facilities

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Heat exchanger principle

How the paper cross-flow heat exchanger works